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Sav8801's story Entre l'Amour et la Mort

Entre l'Amour et la Mort

I just wanted to post here to say that I really miss this story. It is a wonderfully crafted, long running, and I would even say epic Ivy and Rachel story which I became much more interested in following than the actual Hollows books, sad to say.  Are there any others here who know this story and really miss it?  I even like Rachel in this story (and that's saying a lot because Rachel often acts like a dumb ass). Ivy is awesome in this story (well, she always is, isn't she?). Even though we see Undead Ivy in this story, she is able to remain strong and sane thanks to another much older vampire woman who agrees to help her after Ivy's second death. Rachel finds that she still loves Undead Ivy, but she may have to make some hard choices if they are to be together. The last update is Chapter 26 and it was posted in June 2012. Oh, dear author, please take pity on followers of this wonderfully written story and continue with it.

I just hope the author, Savior, who is an excellent writer, will update this long running story and bring it to a satisfying conclusion. There are still good Ravy fics being written, even though the Hollows series has been disaapointing for fans of the Ivy/Rachel pairing.

(Rachel and Trent? I'm sorry, but blech!!!!) (who doesn't love a treacherous, murdering drug lord elf, right?)
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